Super Soldier Clinic


You Have To Experience It, To Believe It

Here at M.S.T. we would never be arrogant enough to say that this is the best military programme in the world, as there are many great ideologies out there available, but we truly feel and believe in our hearts, that on no day, in no way, would this ever be outshone.

It's not about what we have created, it's not about us or any bragging rights, it's

We deliver a system, an ethos, clinic and belief, that we have dedicated our lives to try and perfect.

Perfection can and will never be attained, as we never stop learning, developing, progressing and growing, but we have come pretty close, which is why we are so excited!

The Super Soldier Clinic is intended on being personal, specific and individual, providing you with the highest level of expertise in the industry.

We didn't want it to be generic, didn't want it to be inside of the box, the prescribed conventions or norm, it had to be able to give back and then some, within military life and outside of it, during a career and after.

We started to see past the stereotypes and movie type casts and really got to understand what was functionally needed to be the best physically in a modern day unit.

This clinic looks at what a soldier is, what a soldier wants and what a soldier needs, delivering a system that has no conventions of design, because it depends solely on the unique person that is being assessed, treated, repatterned, rehabilitated or trained.

Our job is not to teach you about combat, our job is to make you better and more efficient at what you do, regardless of your level.

Let us apply the necessary science needed to teach you about yourself, how you move, function, think, react, perform, repair and regenerate. 


A Different Level Of Soldier

We apply performance soft tissue therapy and advanced performance coaching to ensure you get more out of your incredible courage and ability, in a multitude of different situations and scenarios.

This package has been broken down into subsections and deciphered into certain categories and zones that we discovered were essential in giving what you need to go further than you ever thought possible.

More importantly we look at what you specifically need, under which parameters, in a battle zone situation to assist in keeping yourself and your squad as safe as possible.

It isn't about boot camps or bravado training, we simply apply what is truly needed to be able to look at the finer mechanics of what a soldier is.

Do you want to ensure you can draw your weapon quicker, aim quicker, target quicker, react quicker, run further, for longer, avoiding injury and gaining a control of your body and mind like never before?

Do you want to live, move, perform and recover with more efficiency while staying free from pain and dysfunction, maintaining the longevity of your career and safety outside of it?

Then this is what you have been looking for. 

Stand out on you barracks, be the go to guy.

If you are a recruit and truly believe you have what it takes, then we will assist you in going all the way, as far as you want and we will get you there.

If you are a seasoned veteran, we bring vital necessities that will compliment your current skill set and also help us further develop ours.

Again this differs to 99% of military training methods as it focuses specifically on the individual, rather than the group. 

We are great believers that to have the strongest unit, each singular member must be assessed and treated by the highest level of practitioner in soft tissue and movement analysis.

If you aid the functionality of the unit as individual beings, then you aid the functionality of the unit overall.

The restrictions, injuries, dysfunctions and imbalances we all develop in life, when applied in a military sense need to be considered on a much, much grander scale.

The basics count for us because a simple length to tension ratio imbalance or lack of proprioception affecting a certain joint in a soldier, could genuinely be that extra second needed to draw and fire first, gone.

It could be the reason you get injured being dropped off in a combat zone situation, bringing vulnerability to yourself and your team from the get go, the reason you weren't able to take cover quickly enough, or why you got seen, before you saw.

Not on our watch...Welcome to the real deal...The Super...Soldier.


Do We Have A Military Background?

No, that's your job and why we respect you. 

We do what we do because it's what we excel at, what we know and what we have dedicated our lives to.

As founder of Manchester Soft Tissue Therapy I am qualified and accredited at the highest level in the industry, assessed by and trained under Nick Mooney, clinical lead soft tissue therapist of London 2012 Olympic games.

We work with a vast demographic of the general public, all the way up to the highest level of elite sports, movement and performance.

With M.S.T. you receive the full package from start to finish, assessment, treatment, rehabilitation, home care, after care, maintenance. (Please see M.S.T. Clinic)

We also offer specialist corrective exercise & elite performance coaching services, with postural analysis, biotensegrity, functionality and proprioception being at the heart of our ethos.

Most importantly perhaps we understand the importance of a solid, trusted referral network.

It's not about us, it's about you.


What Is Soft Tissue Therapy

Soft Tissue Therapy is the precise assessment, treatment and management of soft tissue injury, pain or dysfunction, primarily of the neuromusculoskeletal system.(Muscles, connective tissue/fascia, tendons, ligaments and joints)

Specialists at the highest level have a background and knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, bio-mechanics and postural analysis, as well as tactile/palpatory and functional movement assessment.


What We Specialise In?

  • Postural & Biomechanical Assessment

  • Postural & Biomechanical Correction

  • Functional Movement Screening

  • Functional Movement Screening For Performance & Elite Level Sports

  • Clinical Reasoning

  • Palpation, Contraindication Assessment & Referral Within A Multi Disciplinary Team

  • Acute, Sub Acute & Chronic Soft Tissue Injury (Muscles, connective tissue/fascia, tendons, ligaments and joints)

  • Musculoskeletal Pain, Compensation & Dysfunction Management

  • Performance Soft Tissue & Corrective Rehabilitation For Elite Level Sports

  • Advanced Remedial & Sports Massage

  • Muscle Energy Technique

  • Soft Tissue Release (Transverse & Longitudinally)

  • Neuromuscular Therapy

  • Active Isolated Stretching

  • Positional Release/Strain Counter Strain

  • Increasing Parasympathetic Function, Recovery, Cognitive Efficiency & Well Being

  • Corrective Exercise, Movement & Stretching For Rehabilitation

  • Elite Performance Coaching & Personal Training, For Health, Fitness, Weight Loss, Strength, Conditioning, Functionality & Field Specific Performance

  • Postural, Rehabilitation & Exercise Classes

  • Postural, Rehabilitation & Exercise Seminars


Food For Thought

I read an article by one of the instructors of the Navy Seals, who said, he felt, the main reason why people who WERE capable of getting into the unit failed, was because of an injury they developed or took into the training process that stopped them in their tracks.

We then thought about how many injuries we have had to deal with when training military personnel and the staggering rate of demobilising pain experienced by members who leave the forces.

That's how we know this package is needed, that's why we know it works.

We aren't just looking at your military career, we're looking at your whole life and hoping we can help.

Your “split," your “routine," your “plan," exercises and methodology, should reflect and address who and where you are functionally and neuromuscularly at OUTSIDE of working out and why.

Logically, it has to be approached in that manner, no matter your desired effect from the training, otherwise injury, long term issue or contraindication is guaranteed to occur.

If the effort does not have your well being at the forefront of it, then the effort is in vain my friends.

Your body, is yours and there is no one size fits all, duplicate  plan, that universally works in the name of specific, individual progression or longevity. 

Whatever you pursue, pursue it from a personal retrospect, take into consideration, all of the considerations and remember that it’s not about the generic norm the masses are sold on following, it’s about discovering yourself, your own body and mind. 

The best exercise, stretch or circuit in the world, that everybody rants, raves and preaches on about, could literally be the worst in the world for you or I, who knows without assessment.

You…are the only…you…in the entire world…start your journey today!


Each person is treated on an individual basis, so please get in touch with us so we can tailor make you the plan you need.

Start your journey today!

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