End Of An Era...The Testimonial...That Brought The Tears.

Before I set my clinic up...and before I produced "True Core"...I used to do a class that was originally spawned from working with a group of marines.

This class had never been done before and was packed full of all demographics and ages...but...the problem was...I was doing it in an establishment that was very...very unprofessional.

The place had died but I was the only one pulling in people maxing out the classes.

We were absolutely packed out...3 times a week... and I was stupid enough to think I could keep the whole place going on my own.

I didn't even work there...just turned up to do my classes...but I saw the potential nobody else could see...I work for myself and saw an opening in the market.

I'm not unprofessional enough to name it...but...believe me it was a struggle to stay there...to say the least.

Finally I could take no more and gave the classes up...to start my own at my clinic.

I found this testimonial from a couple of years ago...from the day I walked out and said I was worth more...and...I don't think many people who run classes would have ever been emailed something like this.

I'm more proud of it than you could ever imagine...this is me...my heart...and my soul.

I thought I'd just post this to show you exactly what I'm about and what you get when you attend True Core the class on a Weds night.

“Evening bro, I hope all is well. I just wanted to say a few things about this evening. Ultrafit at Altrincham was your baby, it was where the #TRUE1% was born and came to life. To have to make the decision to end it and bring that era to a close must have been tough, however this is what makes you amazing. The fact that you manage to see it not as an end, but as a new beginning, a transfer to a more professional environment to allow it to grow, develop and flourish. It’s honestly inspirational. The way you have done and continue to change/develop and inspire the community is like that of no other. From helping teenagers like myself, to professional athletes and the elderly, it seems like nothing is past your capabilities. It is what makes the 1%. I don’t think people point out nearly often enough the differences you make to people’s lives for the better and how on a daily basis, you make the world that bit better to live in, transforming it day by day. You’ve altered my life for the better, helped me to grow as a person and develop my outlook on life. You’re an inspiration and thank you for all your continued help. What a day to be alive”

What A Day To Be Alive

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Lee Cleaver - Soft Tissue Specialist - Movement Analyst - Elite Performance Coach

Lee Cleaver