2018 - Train For You...Really...You


Test the mind, which controls the chain of command and it's hierarchy of movement, not just a muscle, body area, or part.

I've been personally working with somebody, doing both hands on and performance based rehabilitation, that I just want to give their credit.

No names but...

It's always women or men who are famous for being naked, sleeping around, partying, showing off unnecessary amounts of wealth and invented social status, that seem to get all the credit nowadays.

Those in the real world are more often than not overlooked in comparison.

This person came to me with an extremely winged scapula, collapsed gait, anterior pelvic tilt and the possible need for surgery on the bursa of the knee.

Years and years of aimlessly battering the body trying to fit in with the conventions of the industry and society, trying to look a certain way, just caught up with her. (Her words...not mine)

My job in a nutshell was simple...

  • Prevent the need for surgery
  • If surgery was necessary, then be there through the process providing rehabilitation
  • Restore mental and physiological homeostasis
  • Create a stronger, more mobile, efficient structure than before.

After 3 months of working together, she has been given the all clear and does not need the operation.

We've built muscle, changed the shape of the body and dropped fat along the way.

That's without even concentrating on any of those areas, even once, ever, at just one appointment a week.

Every single time, she develops, she gets better, she consistently gets the results.

This is because of two key fundamentals...she listens...she goes away and dedicates time to improving and getting better...her own time.

She's married with 1 child, runs her own business, but still finds that time to fit in an appointment with me along with 5 hours a week herself, off her own back, concentrating on what we work on, consistently.

On top of that she has made various lifestyle changes, changes that have alternated her world for the positive betterment.

One example among many is...she's "Addicted to high heels." It's actually one of the main contributors to the problem in the first place.

She wore them every day for work...8 hours a day...mostly stood up...and has done for over 20 years.

As hard as it has been for her...she's now stopped them altogether...she's moved to flat shoes.

That may sound trivial...but when something so small is a neurological normality...it becomes a necessity...which in turn...means it is very hard to break the cycle and routine.

If you are used to something for so long...it's not easy to move away from what you know...and what you are known for.

People like this inspire me.

Our work is not done, but if you could see where she came from, to where she is now, you would be proud too.

She has seen beneficial changes in so many areas of her life, and all she did was start making it about...her...specifically.

Once you pay respect to how complex the human body and mind are...then the aesthetics of the body...well...they just fall in to place...every single time.

The physique you can create is always going to be secondary to the true benefits.

Dedicate...sacrifice...persevere...push forward...and never ever stop believing in yourself.

If you do it properly...intelligently...without the focus on your image...then it will generate a confidence...a self belief...a pride...and overall results, like no other.

It's transferable to every area of your life, I promise you that.

It's January, 2018, the time historically of resolutions and excuses, don't fall folly.

Put down the Instagram Girls, the Facebook biceps and photo shopped magazines, they are setting you up for failure.

Stop caring about what you are supposed to look like, how you're perceived...and focus on you.

Every time it gets hard and I want to give up...I remember how privileged I am to be doing it in the first place.

There are people right now that would give absolutely anything to be able to move or feel that exertion.

If I can do it, if she can do it, then so can you my friends.


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Lee Cleaver - Soft Tissue Specialist - Movement Analyst - Elite Performance Coach