Who Am I...No...Who Are...You?


People are trying to help mental and physical health , I'm trying to change it, revolutionise it, make it better, and show people what it's really about.

Never forget this...

It was somebody like ME...or...YOU...that invented it all in the first place...anything!

You are a visionary, you hold the key to something that's never been seen, done, or believed before.

The world exists to be changed, evolved and advanced.

Be the last of the Mohicans, cut from a different cloth.

When the whole room turns right, go left, run with it, and don't you ever stop.

It's not about me, or what I do.

Your life...Your book...Go write it.

Merry Christmas

AS...Always...What A Day To Be Alive

Disturb the paradigm.


Lee Cleaver - Soft Tissue Specialist - Movement Analyst - Elite Performance Coach