Merry...Christmas...My friends


Here we are...Christmas day...2017.

You already know this is coming live and direct, from the heart, because that's just how I roll, I'm afraid.

Turned 31 in September and this has also been one of the most demanding and testing years of my life, although I've finally managed to grow up and kinnnd of become a man.

Perhaps that has been the catalyst of all of the tests?

No matter what happened, good or bad, positivity or adversity, I never did, and never will, stop believing in every day being an amazing day to be alive.

Today is genuinely no different to me, but I truly love the magic and the wonder of Christmas.

The positivity, the unity, tolerance, togertherness, mood and celebration of this beautiful, awe inspiring time.

I hope if you are reading this, that you and your loved ones share some of the most wonderful and precious memories of your life together, and I truly mean that from my heart.

I don't care about your religion, your colour or creed, just do you, be you, smile and relish in this beauty.

It's for everybody to join together and be at peace with one another, no matter who you are.

I understand that this can be a sad time for people as well as a beautiful one, but regardless, just please, make me a promise...

While you discover or experience that magnificent eloquence that December the 25th can bring, stay in the moment, please just, seize it, grab on to it, harbor it, become it.

Extend the magic that truly does exist today by living it, taking it, and running with it.

Remember...that...every single an amazing day to be's a privilege to be on this earth with one another...and we are all in it together.

I end with the fact that it is an absolute pleasure to be able to send out this message to you and have some of you read it.

I end with a 2017...and the new year...the best damn year of your life...Cheers.

Lee Cleaver - Soft Tissue Specialist - Movement Analyst - Elite Performance Coach

Lee Cleaver