A True "Champion"


It’s the times inside of desolate solitude, within the mind, that truly defines the character of a person, that truly makes the champion.

People often get it misconceived as being about the "When it’s all said and done," the end result, the preparation and the hard work.

Not from what I have experienced, doing what I do.

We face the true enemy, the real opponent, in quarantine and detachment from the rest of the world, when all we have is ourselves to talk and listen to.

That is when you have to control, qualm and extinguish the voices.

You might be saying crazzzzy, but you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about, I’m talking about, the seeds of doubt.

Those questions we all ask ourselves at some point, over something, in that confinement of silence.

“Am I wasting my time here”…”Is there any point”…”Is it worth all this”…”Am I really good enough”…”Am I actually getting anywhere?”…”Should I just take the safe option, the easy option?”…”Should I care what he said…she said…or what she or he thinks?”…”Maybe I’m wrong?”..."Maybe I'm right?"..."What if I fail?"..."What about this problem, or that factor in life?"...etc...etc.

This is the time that I promise is the most important, as it makes and it creates a few, but stops most, absolutely dead in their tracks.

Its not just the questions, it's the roads and avenues they can lead you down.

You can't even begin to become a "Champion" in any area of life, from being a boss at work, to winning a gold medal, if this is not one of your most fundamental formulas, at the forefront of your endeavour.

Those moments within the mind, to me, personally, are the true beautiful storm, capable of tearing dreams, talent, belief, hard work, dedication and valour apart and into pieces.

Capable of stopping a person turning up in the first place and eating their passion alive.

The eloquence lies in not allowing those seeds to be sown, in not fearing, but embracing the struggle as being expected.

Masses of people will gloss over their lives to a public audience these days, projecting whichever imagery they see fit, influenced by a world gone mad with advertising and marketing.

We have started to forget that we are human beings, we are flawed and have never been perfect, we've started to forget that it's ok to admit that.

No matter who you are, no matter what you do, or where you are from, there are going to be times that feel like you are down and out, like you never even got going in the first place, like questions don't have the necessary required answers to enable movement forwards towards personal progression, but it's all about the hanging on in there. 

The real treasures are found in the fact that hanging on in there keeps you going, keeps you turning up, which has the power to create an awe inspiring resiliency and pride, that is literally second to none.

One that you need if you want to take anything to the top.

If it is a true goal, then there are instances you are going to have to be so sure of yourself, of your journey, your code, your heart and belief system.

Times where no matter what, you are going to have to know who you are and what you stand for, even, when you don’t feel it.

If it's a "Champion" you truly want to be, in any area of life, then thick skinned isn't enough, you're going to have to be bullet proof, because once you conquer the barriers within yourself, you're then going to have to learn how to deal with the ones many others will try and place upon you.

That’s where the champion is truly born, not in the gym, not in the ring, on the podium, in the classroom or the work place, but in the mind, when the mind attacks itself, alone and we are forced to either defend ourselves, or give up the ghost.

Everything, stands for nothing, if you allow those questions to start to be perceived as logical answers, if they aren't the right ones.

From the start, to the end, we are always going to be dealing with more factors that can stop us, than aid us.

If you are on a journey right now, towards something, anything, then stop for a minute for me, look around…notice how still, how quiet, how unfrequented that path really is, because the majority of everybody else either started listening before the journey even began, or asked to get off the ride shortly there after.

If you are still going, no matter what you are feeling, you outlasted 99% of the rest.

I hope one person read this and realised how amazing it was to be still going…read this…understood why I was saying it and saw the worth in themselves.

What a night to be alive.

“Quoted from the scriptures of the true 1%”


Lee Cleaver

Soft Tissue Specialist - Movement Analyst - Performance Coach