Superman Was Right - Motivation


Today I just ate my words.

As a grown man with limited time to ponder over superheroes these days, I found myself catapulted back to my childhood.

I never could quite understand how nobody ever clocked that Clark Kent and Superman were the same person, all because of a pair of glasses he put on and took off.

I got the guys with masks and costumes, it was obvious how they concealed their identities, but not with a guy who's face stayed the same regardless.

Quite the conundrum, but in the end I grew up and got over it, or did I!?

I realise that after today, I now, can finally move on from the shackles of this previously unanswered question.

My eyesight is pretty bad, which is why I wear contact lenses on a daily basis.

Today I just felt like disturbing the paradigm and putting on a pair of glasses to get about in, doing something different.

Wow...I see how Clark got away with it for so long!

I was walking around one of the gyms that I do some work at before, letting on to members who see me in there on a weekly basis, who were giving me a "Do I know you?" type of look in return, as they carried on about their business.

I was Incognito...under the radar!

My day was different in many ways from the norm, all because of one simple variable.

It's pretty mad on analysis.

Most people we work with at M.ST. are looking for change in some way or another, for many different reasons.

I'm big personally on people never trying to change who they are, at their core, deep down in their hearts and minds.

Instead I advise focusing on the positive action that can be taken towards their paths, goals, time, energy and controllable aspects of life going on around them.

Sometimes changing just a small, minuscule thing about your day,  can change the whole course of it.

Doing just one thing differently can give birth to a whole host of new experiences, opportunities, emotions, thoughts, beliefs and interactions.

Erratically and frantically trying to modify, switch, shift and transition your life is a sure fire way to fail and end up feeling worse about yourself.

I've been there myself.

There is no way to prepare for too much.

No action plan, no mantra, advice, guidance or book that can help you with nosediving too fast, too much, too soon into the unknown.

Trying to keep up with the demand of so much adjustment is just entering a cycle of constant sympathetic arousal, with no tangible resolution or way out.

Things look good on paper, they sound good said out loud, but when put into practice, most fall by the wayside.

You can't ever see the world differently, through the same eyes.

You have to be prepared to change, but it has to be constructive, it has to be manageable.

Sometimes it's just about being able to change your perception and perspective.

To me it all really starts by realising that being a "Good person," is a bit of a distorted fallacy.

They don't exist, it's not in our nature and history can show you that.

Pick up any book from any era and on the whole it will prove me right, it will back me up 100%.

You either spend everyday putting all your efforts into trying to be a good person, or you don't.

It's not something you simply are or aren't...something that you can be or's a constant, conscious choice or decision in the vast majority of instances, and not something that can ever truly be fully attained.

It's hard.

Once you realise that, as a fact, you then start to feel a little better about all of the imperfections you are supposed to have.

Once you realise that, as a fact, you stop letting the emotions of other people dictate how you feel in your own life, you begin to know and believe in who you honestly are yourself.

This gives birth to opportunity.

You suddenly see that you don't have a million and one things that need to be swapped, chopped and changed about yourself, you see the foundation you already have built and become aware of the directions you need to go in order to attain personal happiness.

People will brandish the "Good person," spiel about in so many different ways, but again, it's something you consciously work on everyday, or it's not.

If you don't see it like that, then you definitely don't work on it.

If you do, then never forget that it's impossible to ever be fully there, we are all flawed, and there are far too many unanswered questions in life to never make the wrong choice or proceed with the incorrect actions.

We aint perfect as they say, never have been, never will be.


Life is nowhere near as glamorous or as filtered as it's made out to us today, but if you allow it, it can be exhilarating.

We need to do the same things everyday, over and over again, to get better at them, but the devil to me lies in the detail.

Once whatever we are doing becomes a reliable, dependable action, scenario, situation, endeavor or motor skill, in other words once anything becomes too easy, too mundane, too normal, then we can't ever expect to continue to learn, develop or grow without change and adaptation.

If we don't see or accept that, then we don't move forward, things stay the same, or they decay and get worse.

One of the true wonders of the that we never know what it's going to throw at us.

Life across it's whole span is such an unpredictable game of chance, when you break it down and logically start to analyse it.

Making small changes to the day, makes small changes to mind, which not only creates positive wellbeing, it provides the catalyst for progression, evolution, development and opportunity.

If you walk to work down the right side of the street everyday of your life, then walk on the left side for a change.

If you set your alarm and get up and 8am - set it and get up for 6am.

Just as two minor examples...

You'll never know what's going to happen by walking down that left side of the road, who you'll meet, what you'll feel and what it may bring, unless you try.

You'll never know what happens in your world with that extra 2 hours up, or what person you will become over a sustained period with that extra time, unless you try.

I'll tell you this as a guarantee, I know what's going to happen if you do...something that's definitely not if you don't.

Give your the life the stimulus for new growth.

Don't walk to work...Don't want to get up at 6am??

Then take 3 areas in your life, just 3 simple, small things that if you changed or modified today, would bring a difference or a benefit to the next.

Got a debt looming over you...that's been outstanding for years (It's one of the biggest, most regular psychological stressors in society today...something more likely than not)...then make a payment, no matter how far in you are...even if it's a'll feel instantly better about'll feel on the path of you are starting to get somewhere, finally.

Not spoke to your Mum...your Dad...Brother...Sister/Friend for a while?

Have you been avoiding their calls for whatever reason?

Give them a quick bell to say you love them/miss them/care about them, it will bring homeostasis to your day.

Keep leaving the toilet seat up...and the Mrs is having a keep arguing about it?

Use today to start putting the seat down.

Small, small things that create the correct environment for us to get our minds right and prosper, that create a better quality of life in our minds and environments.

It's very difficult to move forward when the mind is not aligned.


I wore the glasses today, because my day, has been totally different to my usual normality, for many different reasons and I knew it would.

I go to sleep with 3 things to remember because of it.

1. Superman was legit after all (I had an amazing childhood with amazing parents, it brought me back so much joy thinking about those days)

2. People I don't know who I come into contact with, treat and view me much differently when I'm in a pair of glasses.

3. Life although logically a tragedy, is so beautifully amazing and I'm a very lucky person to be able to see and experience it through my eyes, albeit through glasses and contact lenses.

Disturb the paradigm.

Each and every single one of us have something in common...We are all playing a game...It's called..."Gunna die one day...Just don't know when."

Live it with vigour, heart, passion and valour, live it as you, live it with a smile on your face.

What A Day To Be Alive!

Lee Cleaver

Soft Tissue Specialist - Movement Analyst - Performance Coach