Stay Motivated - Free Music Playlist With M.S.T. & Spotify

We've Taken Care Of It For You


We are big into music of all genres here at M.S.T. and believe it is key to helping you stay focused, galvanised and entertained, while pushing beyond your current limitations.

Whether it's running, cycling, lifting, stretching, or dancing round the house, we have you covered.

Over 100 recent tracks not typically found on the everyday radio station, catering for all types of musical tastes.

All you have to do is download the app or open Spotify on your phone browser, then click play!

No need to worry anymore about paying over the odds for the type of tunes that get you through physical exertion, or lift your mood.

This playlist is tried and tested, from professional athletes to the general gym goer, from class environments to high intensity performance settings.

It may not all be my personal musical taste, it may not be yours,  but we genuinely see and feel the results in even ourselves from this type of music playing in the background.

The body does not work without the mind, so leave yours open and allow yourself to block the world out, to feel the rhythm and the sounds.

Let yourself go!

Music isn't something you have taste in, that you judge, or put barriers up against, it's something you feel, throughout every inch of your person.

One thing I realised along time ago was that, when a person makes a song, of any genre, they leave a piece of themselves in it, they give us their heart and who they are.

From start to finish, it's a story of a person or collective and their life, their journey, no matter how pointless or classic it may be.

Remember that you listening to any of those songs, gives hope.

It shows that if other people somewhere were able to follow their dreams, achieve their goals and believe in themselves, then so can you.

I guarantee each and every single person reading this...out of the 100 will find at least 30 that touch your emotion or make you feel alive, if you allow them.

It's usually the sounds, and the instruments that we block out the hardest, that touch us the deepest.

Disturb the paradigm and try the M.S.T. Playlist today!

Lee Cleaver - Soft Tissue Specialist - Movement Analyst - Performance Coach

Lee Cleaver